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Steere Family Therapy Has Moved to 4169 Westport Road

A great deal of feelings are associated with moving from my office at 8013 Brownsboro Road. I practiced there for over 22 years with my parents Margaret & David Steere. The one constant in life is change. Sadness is attached to the thought of leaving the discreet intimacy of the old home & the warmth of my parent’s presence & influence. The old home will be left behind while I will take these parts of my family with me to my new setting! Excitement & anxiety are for the anticipation of the transition & uncertainties.

The new office is located at 4169 Westport Road in St. Matthews. I love the energy of the area & office building. The energy will have a positive effect on the therapeutic experience of Steere Family Therapy! The energy of Steere Family Therapy will have a positive effect on St. Matthews!

I am very excited to introduce my new setting to my existing clients as equally as I am to introduce new clients to my practice & setting. I truly appreciate all of you!


Tevis Steere, LCSW

Feelings: Your Ability To Respond Is Your Responsibility.

How you feel cannot be wrong as long as it is appropriate to what you are experiencing.

Example: Feeling frustrated when you feel someone is not listening to you.

When our emotions are overly intense they distort reality & create cognitive distortions.

Example: When you step on a piece of gum & think it is the worst thing that ever happened to you.

Stress, Depression & the Holidays

The Holidays are always a traditional ritual of life that bring many memories. Not only feelings of joy & happiness are experienced during this time of year. Stress can be an overwhelming part of the season due to the demands & expectations we place on ourselves. Depression and the feelings associated with depression can intensify during this time of year as well.

The warm & rich traditions of the season can also be associated with conflict, abuse, neglect, loneliness & hardship among other things. Coping through these experiences can be difficult & overbearing. Putting things into perspective with a professional can be the answer.

These are the reasons counselors are busiest during the holiday season. Many family, couple & individual clients I have had in the past often contact me during this time of year due to the additional demands & overwhelming emotions they are experiencing. Often these therapy sessions address a scripted negative dynamic that has been present year round & has intensified due to the emotional intensity of the Holidays. Clients are then presented with the opportunity to address the issues associated with this script & resolve issues that have impeded them from enjoying the seasonal celebrations.

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Challenge Yourself

When resistance is the first part of you that says “I can’t do that,” allowing another part of you to emerge & simply consider is essential to growth, knowledge, & wisdom!

In life experience is the greatest teacher. Unfortunately repetition without change can create negative scripted assumptions generating resistance. These resistant parts have good intentions to keep us safe from uncertainty. These parts also keep us from growth.

There is no risk in considering the possibilities! There really is no limit either…..the possibilities are infinite! Why not dream?!

When we dream reality becomes easier to consider. We can really start to put things into perspective & decide what we are rationally capable of achieving.

Next time anything presents itself to you, when the resistant part of you announces itself recognize it. Then be aware there is another part that has freedom to consider the possibilities of growth, knowledge, & wisdom without restriction. The choice is always up to you!

The Human Condition

One third, more or less, of all the sorrow that the person I think I am must endure is unavoidable. It is the sorrow inherent in the human condition, the price we must pay for being sentient and self-conscious organisms, aspirants to liberation, but subject to the laws of nature and under orders to keep on marching, through irreversible time, through a world wholly indifferent to our well-being, toward decrepitude and the certainty of death. The remaining two thirds of all sorrow is homemade and, so far as the universe is concerned, unnecessary.

Winter Blues

Winter Blues

Many variables come into play this time of year resulting in the winter blues or even deeper emotional struggles.

Growing evidence suggests that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)—a type of talk therapy—can also help to identify negative self-defeating thoughts and then reframe them into something that’s more accurate, less negative, and maybe even a little more positive. The ‘behavioral’ part of CBT explores the choice to engage new behaviors resulting in positive outcomes.

Sometimes exercising in self talk is very helpful. Practicing self talk verbally with a therapist can be extremely beneficial. Call me to explore this process !


Life Path

Reaching Goals & Navigating Obstacles

It is a new year & a new beginning for us in many ways! How to begin again & choose a new path towards achieving what you want in life & for yourself?

We are a desire driven species fueled by passion, motivation & inspiration as well as purpose. Whether it’s objects or careers we see things we want for ourselves & others. Some people seem to reach their goals while other loose aim of what they want for various reasons.

What determines whether we achieve our goals or not? Most often it’s the obstacles we face along the way. No matter what we want it’s inevitable that something will get in the way. Obstacles are neither positive or negative, they are simply there. How we choose to navigate them is our own free will. We are certainly challenged in life & even suffering is a part of our journey. We will likely suffer the loss of most of the people we meet in life. Most of life’s lessons that we learn from are often painful ones. Others have deep meaning in others memorable ways. I believe these are the times for us to gain knowledge & wisdom.

Quite often we avoid our feelings especially painful ones in an effort to manage life. At times some obstacles feel unnavigable & we feel like quitting, giving up or saying “f… it.”

Sometimes we struggle with the smallest of obstacles & feel overwhelmed if yet another obstacle reveals itself no matter it’s size. This is when individuals suffer the most especially if they have a history of being victimized or suffering meaninglessly.

When feelings are intense & people feel overwhelmed it’s hard to cope with obstacles. We have trouble learning from the choices we have made & often retreat into the misery we feel loosing the opportunity to learn & gain knowledge.

Pain & suffering can be our greatest teachers. We do not forget what matters to us. If we do not learn from our failures we are destined to repeat them. There is knowledge & wisdom to be gained from the meaning of our suffering. If we do not learn then it is meaningless suffering.

The path to achieving your goals is determined by what matters to you. You navigate the obstacles you face by keeping your aim on what truly matters especially when it is most challenging. When challenged we can gain wisdom from the meaning of the feelings we experience whether positive or negative.

Conversations about wisdom have resulted in defining it as, “knowledge gained through experience.” Or better yet, “knowledge gained through suffering.”

If we don’t learn from our feelings or suffering it’s meaningless suffering.

Call me at 502-295-5008 to further explore how to stay on path to reaching your destiny. It’s not far off in the future or down the road. It is the present, it’s the next choice right in front of you. The choice will either keep aim on your path or lead you off the path of getting what you want.

Tevis Steere, LCSW

Transition to Adulthood-Emerging Adults

There are many transitions in life and none are likely more difficult than the one leaving high school and moving towards making independent choices regarding education and occupation. There are countless messages on what course of actions towards Adulthood one “should” take from parents and society as well as culture and religion. Choosing your own path with the trusting influences of others can be stressful, isolating and even depressing! Adding the additional stress of moving away from home as well as the friends and dependable routines and environment you have known to trust can be overwhelming. Today’s socioeconomic environment as well as the social media phenomena has cultivated even higher expectations for today’s educational and occupational demands.

In my practice as a Family Therapist I have been meeting with many young adults and their parents struggling with this transition. If you or you are the parent of a young adult experiencing these challenges you are not alone. Call me to further discuss how I can be of assistance to you and your family! 502-295-5008

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The Anxieties Related to the Experience of COVID-19 .

Article by Taylor Riley

School is out for the year, vacation time has been rearranged and you’ve been isolated with the same humans for what seems like a lifetime. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with anxiety or just are feeling extra stressed lately, you’re not alone. There are ways that you can boost your mood and feel better about the future, according to family therapist Tevis Steere, who practices at Steere Family Therapy.

You might be surprised to know that “anxiety is something everyone deals with on a regular basis,” Tevis says. So, it’s not just you with those racing thoughts and pulse. Times of isolation and lockdown can significantly increase anxiety, Tevis says, so most people are thinking negative thoughts during uncertain times. “People are handling this very differently,” Tevis said about the quarantine during the peak period in April. “Some people are thriving; some are functioning better,” he says. “Some are going to pieces and having trouble.”

We are all challenged on a daily basis when it comes to work, running errands and dealing with relationships, but usually people can deal with those stresses when they can understand what’s happening around them. During periods of uncertainty, however, it may feel like everything is closing in. How people deal with their stress, Tevis says, can be the difference between distorting reality and having unrealistic thoughts and being rational enough to create positive change.

During the quarantine, Tevis met with those dealing with stress and anxiety in unconventional ways like Zoom chats, FaceTime, by phone or by practicing outside. He says the appropriate response to anxiety is accept it––don’t fight it––and understand that you’re going to be anxious and then figure out how to work through it. By accepting the feeling, it cuts the feeling in half.

So, what if a family member in close quarters is dealing with the anxiety of isolation? Tevis says to first tell them you can see how they could feel that way and to nurture them on some level. Once they feel like someone is on their side, they will feel less anxious and more rational. When people are more secure and calm, they can feel less uncertainty. Next, ask them how you can contribute in a positive way. Maybe they can get away for a walk and get back to their true self. Focusing on the dynamics and identifying and practicing awareness can create a calm household, he says. We must step outside ourselves and not allow our loved ones to avoid feelings, because those can come back in a behavior later.

Tevis suggests adults remain calm for their children and allow them to talk openly. “It’s challenging and uncertain,” Tevis says, “(But we must) pay the appropriate amount of attention to challenges.” He says to allow the child to acknowledge their feelings in order to feel understood and feel better, and then help them solve the problem.

Children and Divorce

Working through differences and saving a marriage is not always in the best interest of a family. Sometimes divorce is the answer and the best alternative for all family members. Not only is this realization difficult for husband and wife to achieve but their children are often left with uncertainties and misunderstandings. Helping children gain awareness of what is occurring in the family and what it means in regards to the current and future situation for them individually and for the family is essential to their well-being.

Children may exhibit resistance to change and their experience of uncertainties in many ways. Anger and anxiety can be expressed behaviorally in home or at school at times. Achieving an understanding and acceptance of how a child feels can often help them work through their emotions and change behaviors immediately. Everyone’s feelings matter and deserve to be acknowledged and understood.

Having parents sit down with their children and a professional can often provide some security and foundation immediately during the first session. Having both parents in attendance let the children know although arrangements will be different they are still a family parented and loved as well as supported by both mother and father. The children’s well-being is often the most sensitive and significant element of the process requiring nurturance and guidance to work through these difficult times. With the professional help these young individuals can come through with a sense of resiliency and confidence to work through other challenges the may face in their lifetime.

Steere Family Therapy Has Moved to 4169 Westport Road

A great deal of feelings are associated with moving from my office at 8013 Brownsboro Road. I practiced there for over 22 …

Feelings: Your Ability To Respond Is Your Responsibility.

How you feel cannot be wrong as long as it is appropriate to what you are experiencing. Example: Feeling frustrated when …

Stress, Depression & the Holidays

The Holidays are always a traditional ritual of life that bring many memories. Not only feelings of joy & happiness are …