What to Expect

therapyI believe the first step in therapy is to become aware of the challenges and issues an individual, couple or family face. Then a level of acceptance must be achieved in regards to the responsibility of the challenges and issues faced within the family, couple or individual. Awareness and acceptance are achieved by working through the feelings and thoughts of everyone involved. Once the individual, family or couple feel and think acceptance and understanding have been achieved the next step is change.

In my father’s book Rediscovering Confession he calls the change a “relevant response.” The individual, couple, or family chooses a different way to do things. They may achieve this by looking at things differently or change the way they see each other and themselves. The possibilities are limitless and creativity is an essential element to change. Change is constant and visiting the Steere Family Therapy website may be the beginning of a positive change for you and the ones you love.

The final process is an ongoing one to maintain this new awareness. Accepting one for who they are within themselves and with others and to maintain this change is part of the process in the individual, couple or family’s life.

The Goals of Steere Family Therapy

Steere Family Therapy strives to create a setting where individuals are comfortable to move through the stages of therapy. By drawing from creative strengths and experiences to achieve their desired outcomes. One must feel safe and secure in order to trust others while also trusting themselves. Trust must occur before the choice to make a change can happen. Good choices are maintained through trust and understanding between individuals.

When misunderstanding occurs then trust is compromised. Anxiety and conflict become the result. In session the awareness of these issues and challenges takes place. Once the feelings and thoughts are expressed, understood and accepted by everyone then change can occur. Awareness and willingness to change will allow each individual to steer clear of the old patterns of communication. This will enable patience, understanding and growth to occur through nurturing and support of one another.

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