Group Therapy

Since 1999 I have learned a great deal about group therapy by co-leading group with my father, Dr. David therapy

I believe group therapy is a setting where individuals can share and receive a great deal of insight into personal issues as well as how we relate to one another as human beings. True change occurs when a slice of the real world occurs within the group setting between individuals. Group is traditionally for persons involved in individual therapy.

However those with awareness and insight into what they would like to change in their lives are welcome. Steere Family Therapy groups are considered Contract Groups where individuals “contract” on what they would like to work on and change. The group process works best when individuals openly shared their feelings and thoughts in response to the verbal expression of one another.

There are many types of groups. The most common is the Mixed (both genders) Adult Group where individuals state their contract and what they’d like to accomplish each evening. Since Steere Family Therapy focuses on family several different family-oriented groups have been designed. Parent Groups running concurrently with Adolescent Groups is an example of the type of groups currently in the works.

Although Steere Family Therapy is primarily focused on family we believe Group Therapy in any capacity can be extremely beneficial and rewarding. Groups have also been gender exclusive as well as either parent or children/adolescent groups. Groups are generally 1 1/2 hours in length. Contact me today by calling 502-295-5008 or clicking here.

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