Cell Phone Responsibility

Cell Phone Responsibility

As a child I remember riding up the escalator at Space Mountain in Disney World. I viewed animated depictions of humans talking of the Information Age. I wasn’t sure what that meant then and I’m still unsure of where this will lead us. Here we are in the Information Age, and what a magnificent and powerful tool we possess in the cell phone or smartphone.

With great power comes great responsibility. The vastness of what we hold in our hands is infinitely captivating. The information alone is unlimited. This two-in-one phone and computer likely was never foreseen to be the social media platform it has become.

The smartphone can empower an individual to seek knowledge and form opinions. It can also feel like a safe platform for expression where acknowledgement and affirmations are immediate. In the real world gratification is often delayed. In the cell phone world of swiping and clicking we can swipe towards things that affirm and away from things that contradict ourself and our identity. This is a feeling driven behavior, and without regulation can become a compulsive act. This action diverts ourselves away from reality and responsibility sending us down the rabbit hole of perpetual immediate gratification.

Hopefully, in the real world, an individual makes choices and expresses themselves freely. In most social situations these choices and expressions have natural consequences. Poor, impulsive, or even compulsive choices are met with results that hopefully lead to lessons learned. The knowledge gained from these lessons, discomforting or even painful as they may be, teach us how to navigate the world.

The consequences of the social media world of swiping or clicking away from contradictions or obstacles leads to no knowledge gained and a lack of wisdom. Some of the best lessons in life come from our failures. As painful as they might be they are the best teachers. Most children touch a hot stove once. The knowledge to not touch a stove is a coping skill gained by experience. Trial and error are how we learn to survive. Without the skills to navigate the obstacles of life the individual turns away from adversity and responsibility. This can lead to an identity crisis where they desperately seek out affirmations compulsively. Unfortunately through social media platforms identity can be distorted in countless ways.

In the real world trial and error, and even adversity is where we learn about ourselves. Through the experience of trial and error we gain knowledge and wisdom. We also find out what matters to us and we acquire passions that confidently define us. These sometime uncomfortable paths of adversity take us on journeys and on these paths is where our true selves are revealed. Get on a path to gain knowledge, wisdom, and affirmations about yourself and life!

Individual therapy is a place to explore these paths, yourself, your passions, and your purpose. This is where you find your Linear Life Path!


Cell Phone Responsibility

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