Children and Divorce

Children and Divorce

Working through differences and saving a marriage is not always in the best interest of a family. Sometimes divorce is the answer and the best alternative for all family members. Not only is this realization difficult for husband and wife to achieve but their children are often left with uncertainties and misunderstandings. Helping children gain awareness of what is occurring in the family and what it means in regards to the current and future situation for them individually and for the family is essential to their well-being.

Children may exhibit resistance to change and their experience of uncertainties in many ways. Anger and anxiety can be expressed behaviorally in home or at school at times. Achieving an understanding and acceptance of how a child feels can often help them work through their emotions and change behaviors immediately. Everyone’s feelings matter and deserve to be acknowledged and understood.

Having parents sit down with their children and a professional can often provide some security and foundation immediately during the first session. Having both parents in attendance let the children know although arrangements will be different they are still a family parented and loved as well as supported by both mother and father. The children’s well-being is often the most sensitive and significant element of the process requiring nurturance and guidance to work through these difficult times. With the professional help these young individuals can come through with a sense of resiliency and confidence to work through other challenges the may face in their lifetime!

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