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Mass Homicidal and Suicidal Shootings…..The Individual, Familial, Communal, and Global Responsibility of All of Us!

Why does it keep happening? We cannot turn a blind eye. While we may not able to stop these awful events altogether, reaching out and supporting those around us can be our first step, and the way we can all contribute to reducing these senseless tragedies.

Mental health is the responsibility of everyone at the individual, familial, communal, and global levels. If you know someone that is suffering from a tragic event or someone that has exhibited a sudden change in behavior or mood, or simply not being themselves, reach out to them.

As a friend, a brother, a daughter, a mother, or colleague the simple gesture of saying something goes a long way! If you do not get a response contact the next closest person you know to them. Perhaps a family member or someone in the community maybe next door. Reinforcing a sense of family and community will ensure fewer people fall through the cracks. I believe on a communal and global level if everyone practiced reaching out when something felt a little off about a certain person this would have a dramatic impact of the reduction of meaningless acts of homicide and suicide.

Social media is a platform that is overly cluttered with meaningless dramatic gestures that impede the real behaviors or indicators of troubled individuals. The true indicators are exhibited in a change from the daily behavior of the individual. This change can be witnessed by those that interact with this person routinely in the family as well as the community. Especially those closest to them.

If you are that individual that is suffering I believe it is imperative for you to reach out to a trusted person. If you feel there is no one in you family, friends or community, then access a professional at the community level or online. These services are free in the link below.


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