Life Path

Life Path

Reaching Goals & Navigating Obstacles

How do we begin again & choose a new path towards achieving what we want in life & for yourself?

We are a desire driven species fueled by passion, motivation & inspiration as well as purpose. Whether it’s objects or careers we see things we want for ourselves & others. Some people seem to reach their goals while other loose aim of what they want for various reasons.

What determines whether we achieve our goals or not? Most often it’s the obstacles we face along the way. No matter what we want it’s inevitable that something will get in the way. Obstacles are neither positive or negative, they are simply there. How we choose to navigate them is our own free will. We are certainly challenged in life & even suffering is a part of our journey. We will likely suffer the loss of most of the people we meet in life. Most of life’s lessons are often painful ones. Other lessons have deep meaning in other memorable ways. I believe these are the times for us to gain knowledge & wisdom.

Quite often we avoid our feelings especially painful ones in an effort to manage life. At times some obstacles feel unnavigable & we feel like quitting, giving up or saying “f… it.”

Sometimes we struggle with the smallest of obstacles & feel overwhelmed if yet another obstacle reveals itself no matter it’s size. This is when individuals suffer the most especially if they have a history of being victimized or suffering meaninglessly.

When feelings are intense & people feel overwhelmed it’s hard to cope with obstacles. We have trouble learning from the choices we have made & often retreat into the misery we feel loosing the opportunity to learn & gain knowledge.

Pain & suffering can be our greatest teachers. We do not forget what matters to us. If we do not learn from our failures we are destined to repeat them. There is knowledge & wisdom to be gained from the meaning of our suffering. If we do not learn then it is meaningless suffering.

The path to achieving your goals is determined by what matters to you. You navigate the obstacles you face by keeping your aim on what truly matters especially when it is most challenging. When challenged we can gain wisdom from the meaning of the feelings we experience whether positive or negative.

Conversations about wisdom have resulted in defining it as, “knowledge gained through experience.” Or better yet, “knowledge gained through suffering.”

If we don’t learn from our feelings or suffering it’s meaningless suffering.

Call me at 502-295-5008 to further explore how to stay on path to reaching your destiny. It’s not far off in the future or down the road. It is the present, it’s the next choice right in front of you. The choice will either keep aim on your path or lead you off the path of getting what you want.

Tevis Steere, LCSW

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