Finding Purpose and Direction in Individual Therapy

Finding Purpose and Direction in Individual Therapy

Defining the goals and objectives of the counseling sessions in a very direct manner helps clients create change immediately.

Individual therapy is often termed as psychotherapy, and is meant to help people with their behavior and emotional issues. In individual therapy the initial objective is to meet the client where they are on their life path. This is explored from an emotional, intellectual and linear perspective.

Childhood experiences and current life obstacles such as divorce, occupational and professional failures as well as loss of loved ones are addressed through weekly sessions.

There are many past emotional experiences that potentially become scripted in our current life situations. The unresolved past issues can result in us repeating the same negative outcome fulfilling a self-sabotaging cycling of behavior resulting in even deeper emotional pain and stress.

This compounding of pain transforms into emotional burdens that negatively dominate our daily life exiling our concentration, enthusiasm, self respect and esteem, will to change, and much more. These emotional burdens hijack ourselves, our relationships, our professional life, and our health. Addressing the origin of this hijacking by carefully exploring past experiences and listening to the client leads to identifying ways to change the pattern of thinking, feeling and acting. As a result understanding and addressing the issues at hand with belief and confidence creating a new path towards what we want is the outcome.

Defining and working towards achieving goals and objectives in Individual therapy lifts emotional burdens, stress, and anxiety enabling the client to pursue and create positive change reinforcing their aim towards life purpose and contentment.


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