Challenge Yourself

Challenge Yourself

When resistance is the first part of you that says “I can’t do that,” allowing another part of you to emerge & simply consider is essential to growth, knowledge, & wisdom!

In life experience is the greatest teacher. Unfortunately repetition without change can create negative scripted assumptions generating resistance. These resistant parts have good intentions to keep us safe from uncertainty. These parts also keep us from growth.

There is no risk in considering the possibilities! There really is no limit either…..the possibilities are infinite! Why not dream?!

When we dream reality becomes easier to consider. We can really start to put things into perspective & decide what we are rationally capable of achieving.

Next time anything presents itself to you, when the resistant part of you announces itself recognize it. Then be aware there is another part that has freedom to consider the possibilities of growth, knowledge, & wisdom without restriction. The choice is always up to you!

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